Flavours and Fillings


Standard flavours 


Traditional - Madeira sponge sandwiched with raspberry or strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream


Lemon - Zesty lemon sponge sandwiched with lemon curd and lemon buttercream

St Clements - Orange sponge sandwiched with lemon curd and orange buttercream 


Chocolate - Chocolate sponge sandwiched with rich chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Orange - chocolate orange sponge sandwiched with chocolate orange buttercream


Coffee cake - coffee sponge sandwiched with coffee buttercream


Red velvet - red velvet sponge sandwiched with vanilla buttercream


Mint choc chip - chocolate sponge sandwiched with mint choc chip buttercream


Bakewell - almond sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream


Mocha - chocolate sponge sandwiched with coffee buttercream 

Extra special flavours (at an additional cost)


Rich brandy soaked fruit cake, covered in marzipan


Chocolate and Baileys - chocolate and baileys sponge sandwiched with baileys buttercream


Carrot cake - spiced carrot cake sandwiched with orange buttercream


Coconut and lime - Coconut sponge sandwiched with lime curd and coconut buttercream


Coffee and walnut - coffee and walnut sponge sandwiched with coffee buttercream

Salted Caramel - chocolate sponge sandwiched with salted caramel and caramel buttercream

Nutella - chocolate sponge sandwiched with Nutella buttercream

Cookies and Cream - chocolate sponge sandwiched with Oreo buttercream

Raspberry and white chocolate - vanilla sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream

Cookie dough - vanilla sponge made with soft brown sugar and chocolate chips sandwiched with chocolate chip vanilla buttercream and cookie dough pieces

Banoffee - Banana sponge filled with thick caramel sauce and vanilla buttercream